Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Week 4 GAME plan update

My GAME plan is going well.  I am focusing on using technology to give formative and summative assessments and using technology to increase communication with parents.  I chose Edmodo.com as a source to satisfy both of these ISTE standards.  Students are able to take assessments on-line and parents are able to log in to check for homework assignments and for class announcements.

My plan does not have to be modifed, as I have been in contact with a representative from the website and have already set up my page and am working on my partner teacher linking to my page, so things seem to be going as planned.  My partner teacher and I are in the process of choosing a student from each of our classes to manage the website, in terms of posting homework and announcements for parents.  I, of course, will create any assessments and require students to log in and complete assessments as needed.

My one concern is being so close to the end of the year, that if I have all of our students create logins and passwords, they will forget them by next year.  I will have to determine whether I can generate a list of logins and passwords.  That way, our students could still create a login this year and become a bit familiar with the website and I can reprint the login and password list next year.  I am able to do this because I currently teach 7th grade and will have the same students again next year for 8th grade.  I am excited to potentially use this tool as a communication tool for parents as their students start school next year.  


  1. Sounds like your GAME plan is coming along very well. I like how you and your team teacher are going to have the website together so it will benefit all subject areas. Also, your idea of having students to be responsible for keeping the homework and announcements up to date is a great idea, that way it is not so much work for you!
    I am glad that you are able to carry this plan over into next year with the same students, that works out nicely for you.
    Look forward to hearing more about how your plan is going!
    Sam R.

  2. I'm happy for you that your Game Plan is going so great! I really like how you're using edmundo to communicate with parents and to get kids using technology more. Do you have any issues with parents and kids not having access to technology at home? My district and school have a lot of technology available to us; the issue is that most of our families don't have technology at home. Many of them don't even have a computer. I'm just wondering how you combat this issue, if it is present for you.

    1. Samantha- One of my goals is to give students as much responsibility as possible as it relates to running our classroom! Thanks for the response!

      Traci - So far I only have 1 or 2 students out of 34 that I see throughout the day that do not have internet access at home. Hopefully I can provide access at school during their lunch time or find out if they can access the library throughout the week to be able to participate with the rest of the class. Is there any opportunity to give your kids computer time at school?