Friday, May 18, 2012

Week 3 Discussion Post - Update on my GAME plan

The ISTE standards I chose dealt with creating a technology-based forum where students could complete formative and summative assessments, and using technology to better communicate with parents.  After conducting my research, I believe is a resource that can satisfy both technology standards.  Edmodo has features which allow students to answer a question or questions that can be used for a formative assessment, or the ability to handle more structured summative assessments (Edmodo, 2012).  Parents can also access Edmodo, which is set up very much like Facebook, to not only stay abreast of thier child's daily or weekly assignments, but also receive general school and classroom updates, and be able to ask specific questions in a Facebook-resposne-type format to a specific school event or assignment question.

The media segments I need are only internet access and the students and parents' ability to access and sign on to the website.  There is no other information I need, as I have evaluated several different ways to accomodate these standards and have not found another avenue that supports both of my standard choices.  The steps I have taken so far are to create an account through Edmodo, contact an account representative, and start to get myself familiar with the website functionality.  I am excited to roll this out to my classroom, and since I have the same students next year for eighth grade, this is something I can roll out even at the end of the school year and get student accounts set up to hit the ground running next year.


Edmodo help page.  (2012).  Edmodo.  Retrieved from on 05/10/2012.


  1. Mike,
    That's great that you are going to use Edmodo with your students, I have an account but I don't do much except check it once and a while. I have got some great links and ideas for collaborative projects from it though. I also know that there is "library" component that allows you to upload, store and share activities both to students and other educators--nice feature. Good luck! PS I sent you you a connection request.

    1. Hey Brett,

      Thanks for the response! I'll look for your connection request. Hopefully I can get this some legs before the school year ends!