Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Blogs in the classroom

I teach 7th grade math and science, and I believe blogging in my classroom would benefit my class greatly. Blogging is a way for students to support each other with math help, to communicate homework to an absent student, or to pose questions not necessarily related to curriculum but still educational.  My blog can be a running summary of what each day's lesson entailed, complete with further examples and links to other resources for the students.  For science, news links and other links could be posted to enhance content covered in class.


  1. Hi Michael,
    An artist named MC Escher created amazing tessellations that you might want to share with
    your math class. Here is a link to a website you might want to post.

  2. Hi Michael,

    Great idea of posting daily learning content on the blog. This will be an initial step of providing feedback on what their child has learned for the day. Will this post consist of power points, etc. so parents can reinforce the learning material at home? Lastly I love the idea of placing content related websites on the blog. Students can explore the skill/concept furthermore and not just see that skill/concept for that particular day.


  3. Having a blog to post class content that fits for different purposes as catching up, clarifying or gaining in depth comprehension of a topic is always a great resource for students and parents. You might want to delegate in your students the posts regarding science news. Each week someone in your class can be in charge of posting a current event or discovery or an amazing science fact. The rest of the class can comment about it, give a critical opinion about the topic or related issues that arise from it, or link further information. I will also suggest that you open your blog to show students the numerous connections between science and math contents.

  4. Michael,

    It great is great that you want to use your blog to allow your students to think about math outside of the classroom. Also I like that you will allow you blog to be a means for students to find additional content, as well as homework assignments. I do have only one concern. You mentioned that you plan to post homework assignments for students that are absent but what if the assignment covers a concept that has never been taught before to the student. How do you plan to overcome this issue if it ever arises?

  5. Hi Carlos,

    I could post notes from the missed lesson, or provide links to content online. This could at least get my student started until I could fill in the gaps when they returned.